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Hubby and I are lucky, lucky people.

Both our boys are welders.

Give them a few tools and an assortment of steel and they can make just about anything.


I love this about our kids.  Creativity is a wonderful thing.

It’s probably been almost 10 year ago when they welded a green bean tunnel for me.  It’s a simple design that has held up really well.  First we cut long pieces of rebar in half then bent them into shape by stepping on it with one foot and pulling the end up with our hands.  Rebar bends easily and one person can do this ‘single handed’.  Then Dalton and Morgan welded it together and we covered it with some old woven wire fencing.

Not only does it look great in wedding photos – it’s also the perfect trellis to grow pole beans on.  Of course, the absolutely best thing about it is that I can stand in the shade and pick green beans. 

And on a hot day – that is a wonderful thing!

Both boys are very talented when it comes to working with metal and when our oldest son Dalton graduated from high school he decided to go to a Vo Tech for welding where he graduated at the top of his class. 

One day while visiting with Monte (a friend who my Hubby worked with for many years) we got to talking about Dalton and his welding.  Monte said something that has stuck with me ever since:

“That kid can weld anything but the crack of dawn and a broken heart.”

I had to laugh.  I’m not sure if Monte had heard it somewhere or if it had come straight from his slightly warped mind but the more I thought about it the more I realized just how true it is – and not just about Dalton but Morgan too. 

It is amazing to me how they can bend, weld, cut, grind, machine and shape steel – using heat and muscle to mold it into the most wonderful things that you could imagine.  Things that will surely outlast me.  I’ve watched them repair broken parts from heavy machinery and then gather up a pile of rusty junk and transform it into pieces of art like this.

You got to love a man that can do that.

Yes, it may be true that there has never been a welder who could fix the crack of dawn – no matter how good he is…

but I bet our new daughter-in-law, Dani would tend to disagree with the rest of that statement. 

With a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye she would probably tell Monte he was wrong. 

It just take the right welder to fix a broken heart.

Have you hugged a welder today?

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