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Sorry it’s been a few dayssince I last wrote.  It has been really cold and snowy and my satellite dish had collected a nice little snow drift up there on top of the house. 

Since it was -20 degrees (yes that’s MINUS 20 degrees) with lots of wind and mainly because I’m a wimp when it comes to cold weather I wasn’t very excited about climbing up there and sweeping the snow away.  So I just waited for the snow to drift somewhere else which it did today.  So in honor of having my internet back we will not be showing any snow photos today – I promise.  How about some nice warm pictures of a trip I took with the girlfriends to sunny Texas instead?

It was April 2008.  It was beautiful and warm.  And it was snowing like crazy – at home.  Hee Hee Hee!

But we were 9 Moms on Spring Break on South Padre Island and we didn’t care about the howling winds and the 3 feet of snow in South Dakota.

No siree!

There were no children, no husbands, and no hungry cows and horses to feed. 

I don’t think they even allow those things on Padre Island.

At least that’s what I told my family when I left.  Can you believe they actually bought it?

But Padre Island did have a few things we didn’t have back home…

Ah… the fragile beauty,

and the exotic wildlife,

and the steamy sunsets,

and the crazy tourists, 

(Yep, that’s me)

And my big blue feet and my ‘glow in the dark’ shockingly white  midwest legs.

Scary – isn’t it?

Did you know your feet turn that color from the cold winter weather in South Dakota? 

And your legs never do tan because 11 months out of the year it’s too cold to wear shorts. 

It’s sad, but true.

Maybe I should go back to Texas.  You know – for the health of my blue feet and ‘glow in the dark’ legs.  I really think I should.

It makes sense to me but do you think Hubby will buy it?

Maybe – if I don’t show him this picture.

 Who was that cute kid and why is he laid out on the table like a slab of beefcake in front of a sign that says “I got my crabs at Daddys”?

I forget.


What was I talking about?

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Does anyone out there like to travel?

Oooooooooohh!  Pick me!!!  Pick me!!!  I love to travel even though I rarely get the chance.

But in June of 2007 I went on a trip with our oldest son, DJ and my Mom and Dad. 

It all started when my Dad bought an airplane.  He does that once in a while.  The kicker is that he never buys airplanes that are actually airworthy (that means they don’t fly).  My Dad likes to restore antique airplanes so the planes he buys are usually in lots and lots of weird and unusually shaped parts.  Some times the parts are even twisted and torn pieces of wreckage – unrecognizable to you and me. 

In 2007 he  purchased a 1947 Republic Seabee.  These are COOL old planes!  They’re amphibians – they like the water. 

Here’s what they’re supposed to look like.

The one Dad bought looked like this…

and this…

and this…

The best part about this whole Seabee deal was that it was up in Canada about 50 kilometers from Niagara Falls and somebody had to go get it.

Can you say ‘Road Trip’? 

I knew you could.

Dad got busy lining up the travel details and I applied for passports.  I had always wanted a passport – even though I didn’t really have a reason to have one – I wanted one!!!  Of course with my luck, I applied for our passports at the exact same moment as about a billion other Americans and you guessed it – they didn’t arrive on time.  So I went to the court-house and got certified copies of our birth certificates and we headed North.

Mom and Dad took one pickup and trailer and since DJ had just graduated from high school, he and I took his beautiful (used but new to him) Dodge 3/4 ton, 4-wheel drive, Cummings diesel Ram pickup with a  trailer behind. 

Talk about power!!!

We traveled for days and days and days and I know DJ enjoyed every single minute he was forced to spend with his mother (his favorite person in the whole world at that time)  in the small, confined cab of his pickup.  He never said it in so many words but I’m his mother – I know these things.

DJ is great to travel with, he let me pick the music and never even made me drive the whole way up there. 

The days and miles sped by and we saw lots of wonderful, beautiful country. 

My goal on the trip was to stick my toes into every Great Lake we came across.  We even went a little out of our way so we could see every single one of them. 

What a tourist! 

 It was great.  I even filled a water bottle from each lake to bring home. 

I’ll never forget Lake Ontario – for some reason the shore we were on was covered with huge boulders and even though we stopped at several different places we could never get close to the water.  Finally we stopped near some kind of outlet with tall cement walls.  We were as close to the water as we could get and with a piece of baling twine (which every ranch truck on the face of the planet has in the back) and a handful of small pebbles we lowered our water bottle over the side and ‘fished’ for my watery souvenir.  I can only imagine what the guys in the control house at the end of the outlet thought of the weird Americans.

It was a great trip but the absolute, very best part of the whole trip, at least as far as I was concerned, was the day we loaded all the pieces and parts onto the trailers.  It was hotter than blazes and we worked all day dragging parts out of a huge, dusty shop full to overflowing with Seabee parts. 

The man Dad had bought the plane from was an older gentleman who was originally from Belgium and was quite interesting to talk to.  We had worked all day with this man and his wife and when we got ready to leave they gave us a Canadian flag and a great piece of advice:

“Travel – every chance you get.  Go see something you’ve never seen before and go someplace where you don’t speak the language.”

I told him I agreed but unfortunately I had married a man who didn’t like to travel. 

To my sons’ immense shock and horror this sweet man turned to him and asked,

“Why don’t you like to travel?” 

I thought DJ was going to swallow his tongue as he stuttered and stammered, trying to spit out the words.

“She’s my mom!”

I laughed so hard I thought I would die.  It’s a great boost to your ego to be mistaken for your sons’ wife. 

I’m sure DJ was sick and tired of hearing about it by the time we got home but he’s a good sport and he still smiles every time I tell that story.

And of course my husband was not the least bit impressed when I told him what had happened.

His only response – “Was he blind?”

Thanks honey – love you too.

Most often heard question as we towed our treasure home –

“Are you building a helicopter?”





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