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We had a little freezing rain in the night and now all roads in and out of town are closed!  My boss just called (I really love my boss)  and she said I don’t have to go to work. 

I just ran through the house screaming and doing cartwheels.  OK they’re not pretty cartwheels, but I try.  So lets see… what can I write about today?  How about Christmas?

Lest you think I don’t like Christmas here are photos of some of the decorations at our house this year. 

Here’s the big tree (12 foot) in the livingroom.  Notice the deer heads – yes, its true – we are rednecks.  And not only do we decorate with dead animals we also accessorize them – note the bowler hat.  Don’t laugh, Prancer looks rather dashing with that rankish tilt to his hat don’t you think?

Here’s the Kitchen tree.  It sits on top of the old cook stove that was in the house when we started remodeling.  This stove is just about the only thing we could salvage from the house.

Here’s a slightly blurry photo of the tree in the guest room – it’s covered in Santa’s. 

I feel I have to tell you something.  I have an addiction…  an addiction to Christmas ornaments.  Every year, all year long I have to get my ‘ornament fix’.  It doesn’t matter where I go, department stores, second-hand stores, pawn shops, yard sales, I find them everywhere.  It’s a terrible little family secret but I’ve decided it’s time to come clean.   We have boxes of ornaments in the basement and I can’t stop.  Especially at this time of year when they go on sale!  50% off!!!  Help me, please.  I came home with 37 more ornaments last night.  I’m so ashamed.  But I needed them – they had snowmen ornaments and we all know you can never have to many snowmen ornaments. 

See what I mean?

The snowman bathroom. 

Looks like frosty threw up in here doesn’t it?  And this is only the wall above the toilet.   I’m so ashamed I can’t even show you the rest of the room.  It makes me cold just to look at it.

Let’s go to the dining room.  Blue, silver and white – that’s the dining room.  A lot of these ornaments are hand-made lace.  I admit it – if I can’t find ornaments to buy I have to make them. 

I need a life.

Here’s the china cupboard and some of the nativity scenes I have. 

Did I mention I have an addiction?

And last, but not lease here’s the light fixture in the living room, dripping with snowflakes.  I love these snow flakes and they are so simple to make.  I rolled out white Sculpty clay (actually ran it through the pasta maker – I’m glad I finally found a use for that thing) then used snowflake cookie cutters to cut them out.  Bake them, hang them and you too can have a veritable blizzard in your house.

Someday we’ll talk about Snow Globes!!! 

Did I mention I have an addiction?

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