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I bet you think we never have problems with traffic jams around here. 

Just for a minute, consider the odds of it happening where I live.  In a big city like New York you probably would see more cars in one day then we actually have in the whole state of South Dakota.  But believe it or not traffic can get a little messed up here too.

I admit it is a rare occasion when traffic slows to a crawl and rarer yet when it comes to a complete stand-still but I am here to tell you it did come to a screeching halt last week as I came home from work.  I ran into one of the worst traffic jams I have ever seen in all my years. 

Oh the horror…

I came flying around a corner to find that the road completely blocked, gravel and snow flying, babies bawling and the horns!  I don’t even want to think about the horns!!!  And to make matters worse the roads were snow packed and slippery.  We were all having trouble on the ice.  Slipping and sliding.  Skidding and swerving.  Trying not to run into each other.  It wasn’t pretty, obscene jesters, foul language, tempers flared. 

To tell the truth I was afraid to step out of my pickup. 

And talk about spectators – it felt like all eyes were glued on me – as if I was the one to blame for this mess! 

But it wasn’t my fault – No Siree!

I swerved to the side of the road and slid to a stop well short of the carnage.  Then quickly snapped photos with my phone – you know – for insurance purposes (just in case the need arose) and also to prove that we do run into our share of  inconsiderate road hogs even way out here in the West.

Just see for yourself…


OK (I roll my eyes) so their not technically road ‘hogs’ but just look at those crazed, glassy-eyed stares.  especially those two on the left – gang members if I ever saw them – complete with tattoos, brands and body piercings.

Tell me, is that the crazed look of road rage?


 OK – so it’s hard to tell with cows…

Especially when they’re the neighbors cows…

I don’t really know them that well and yes, I admit it – those babies are just about as cute as they can be!  So maybe they’re not quite as bad as they seemed at first.

Maybe they just want to look in the back of the pickup for something to eat.


Well, they can’t be all bad – at least they weren’t speeding.

OK – I’ll go get some sleep now – I’m not sure but I think I might need it.

Have a great weekend – I’ll be curling with my Sister (Wonder Woman) and The Amazing Wanda – two women who are so good they could probably curl competitively. 

Yes, I know – sleep…

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