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I love to take pictures and some of my all time favorite photos are the ones taken while facing  into the sun.

You never really know what you’ve captured on your camera when you’re shooting into the sun but occasionally, if everything is just right you might end up with one or two sun spots. 

 I have always loved these!

But a few month ago I saw a TV program about ghost hunters and it has forever changed the way I look at my photos. 

The ghost hunters talked about the circles of light that sometimes show up on photographs.  They believe that some of these are really ‘orbs or spirits and they had quite a few photos to back up their theory.

Spooky – ain’t it?  It just about sacred my socks off!

So now I take a second and third look at my photos – always evaluating what I see. 

Take this photo for instance…

This was taken while I stood inside the weathered remains of an old one-room school-house. 

Now I know the building is in bad shape and there are lots of cracks and openings where the sunlight comes through.  Heck, the lumber is so rotten you could throw a cat through any of the walls but it still makes you wonder.  What if there were children or perhaps a school teacher who loved this place and have decided to spend all of eternity in the shell of their beloved school. 

Ok – I’m scaring myself again. 

On to the next shot.

Remember this picture from a previous post?

Our garden club toured the Pettigrew Museum in Sioux Falls, SD.  I took a picture with my camera the same time the gal next to me took this one.  My photo shows nothing out of the ordinary but hers has this funky blue light on the front porch. 

I have to admit I did have an uneasy feeling while we were inside the museum but at the time I just chalked it up to being inside a beautiful but very old building.  I changed my mind when I saw her photo.

This gives me the willies and makes my hair stand on end!  Yikes – that mental image is pretty frightening too.

And then there are the photos from the wedding last summer.  Surprisingly there are 5 or 6 shots with orbs in them. 

Here’s the newlyweds coming down the aisle while being showered with oats instead of rice – the last of their wild oats so to speak. 

They’re horse people…  It’s a horse thing.

OK, if I look at this photo and think ‘ghostly orb’ above DJ’s head, I think of Grandpa Bud.  DJ and his grandfather had always been buddies until Grandpa passed away the year before the wedding.  I would like to think that Grandpa was there for the wedding and to be with DJ.  Besides, Grandpa always did like a good party.

But where is the sun coming from you ask?  I heard you – you were thinking it.  You can’t fool me.

 Actually the sun was pretty close to being at a 90 degree angle, straight off the right shoulder of the person taking the photo – so maybe it’s just a sunspot.

OK, I can go either way on that one but then we come to this photo…

Here’s a photo of the beautiful bride coming down the stairs inside the house.  Check out the orb on her left shoulder.

Sure there are windows in the house – there’s one in the bedroom right behind her but it’s pretty well blocked by a wall, a door and  people.

Maybe this is one of Dani’s relatives – come to see her on her big day.  Notice how it’s close to her heart.  Does that mean anything?  I don’t know but it’s a nice thought.

And then, as if one orb here and there isn’t enough, look at this photo.

Check out all those orbs above the crowd.  It’s hard to see just how many there are in this shot – but there’s a bunch.

OK, lets look at this scientifically. 

  This photo was taken while everyone was having a great time dancing and enjoying the beautiful evening. 

1.  Looks like water droplets on the lens or maybe dust specks.  That’s what I thought at first but the photos taken before and after this one are fine and it wasn’t raining – it was a beautiful night for a wedding.

  2.  What about sun spots?  This was taken facing almost straight west but the sun had already slipped behind the mountain before the dance even started so I don’t buy that theory either. 

3.  There are thousands and thousands of white Christmas lights strung all over the garden.  Maybe so, but it just doesn’t seem that the orbs are really ‘organized’ or coming from a specific place – they’re everywhere.  Big ones, little ones, bright ones, dull ones all intermingled – kind of sounds like a typical family doesn’t it?

I really don’t know what caused all the ‘orbs’ in this shot.

It was a special night and love was definitely in the air – so  who knows, perhaps there was more than love in the air that night.  

Perhaps it’s something you can’t see or explain.  Perhaps it’s something you have to take on faith.

I believe when we die we don’t just cease to exist.  I believe our body quits but our spirit goes on.

  I also like to think that we will be able to come back from time to time and check up on the people we love.  I’m sure gonna try!

I also believe in guardian angels.  I’ve heard mine –  he swears.  (Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime).   You might think I’m a little warped, but a swearing guardian angel is actually very comforting to me.  Picture John Wayne with a rusty halo cocked over his cowboy hat and a lot of ‘grit in his gizzard’.  Now that’s my kind of guardian angel.

Who knows?  I can’t prove those circle of light are anything more than sun spots or dust on the lens but seeing photos like this always makes me think anything’s possible.


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Since I’m missing summer and my garden, I thought I would show you some photos I took a couple years ago when our Garden Club went to Sioux Falls, SD.


 Our first stop was the Strawbale Winery.  I love unusal buildings and this place was built using strawbales covered with stucco and siding – how cool is that?  And it was cool inside – a perfect place to age wine.  And after a few samples I was definately

‘feeling the love’.

We’ve got lots of bales at home, honey – lets start building!

We also toured the Pettigrew Museum.  This little home was purchased by Senator Richard Pettigrew in 1911.  And it looks like he might still be here – check out the front step.  

OK, I’m getting freaked out!!!

After touring the Sertoma Butterfly House and all the beautiful gardens of Sioux Falls, it was time to go home but just because it’s time to go home doesn’t mean we have to stop touring – does it?  Of course not – so we stopped at Mitchell, SD and saw the Corn Palace.  This is a huge building that is covered with corn – you heard me right – corn.

There are real corn artists that create amazing (get it – a ‘maize’ ing) works of art on the walls of the building using different, natural colored ears of corn – kind of South Dakota’s version of the Rose Parade only it’s not made with flowers…  and it doesn’t move. 


Unfortunately, artwork made of corn doesn’t last forever so every spring the Corn Palace gets a fresh batch of corn and they start over with a totally new design. 

After a little shopping and a bite to eat it really was time to go home – back to our every day lives – only richer now with the memories and photos to cherish of another wonderfull trip. 

Every year to commemorate our journey into the world of natural beauty and art we take a group picture for the local newspaper.  We make sure to choose a place that shows some of the wonders we have seen.  And this year was no exception as Sioux Falls is home to an exact, full-sized replica of the famous scuplture by Michaelangelo – the Statue of David (one of only two castings ever made).  We took several shots be be sure we had captured the ‘soul’ of our journey and of course, I chose the one that showed what a cultured group of refined and gentile ladies we are.

OK, perhaps it wasn’t a good ideal to put me in charge of something as important as this.

Why don’t we have art like this at home?

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