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Fun and games continue at the ranch – just check out the dog.

This is Dally – Morgan’s puppy.  She caught her foot in the hole on the side of the pickup box (the one used for holding a railing) as she went to jump down and broke her leg.  Thankgoodness for Dr. Pete – he fixed her right up and in a month she’ll be rid of the cast and good as new.

She’s not very pleased about the whole thing but at least she’ll heal up.

We had to bring her home to the ranch because Morgan ended up in the hospital tonight.  He has a nasty infection in his throat so the Dr. decided to keep a close eye on him and pump him full of fluids and antibiotics.   Hopefully, he’ll get out in the morning and will be well on the way to recovery  once the medicine has a chance to work.

He wouldn’t let me take a picture so you just have to imagine a grumpy, sick kid in a hospital bed.



Scary isn’t it?



In the last week we’ve also had:

1.   a tractor with 2 flat tires – yes, the big expensive ones

2.  the big shaft go out in the baler – right in the middle of haying season

 3.  bad thunderstorms every night with no rain but lots of wicked lightning

4.  And now the cat isn’t looking to good…

I’m not sure how much more fun I can stand!


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