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It has been crazy here!

Mostly because the calves sold really well and that means that for a change – we had money left over after we paid the bills!!!  That is just about unheard of for this operation.  Ha!  So there I was with money to burn…  What terribly extravagant thing do you think I ran out and bought?


I know – I’m a wild woman.

We have lived in this house for over 5 years and have never finished the flooring in the dining room, living room and our bedroom.  We did have the subflooring down so it wasn’t like we were jumping from one floor joist to the next but frankly it wasn’t very pretty and worst of all it was full of splinters.  It is time for a change!  So since we sold calves I have spent every evening and every weekend on my hands and knees praying to the great laminate flooring god in the sky and thank goodness it is coming together.  I will post a couple of photos once it is finished and the furniture is all back in place.  But for right now it looks like a tornado spun through our house. 

And I suppose I should be finishing it up and cleaning up the mess.  Right?  Well I would be if I didn’t have a fun-filled weekend ahead of me.  I will be at the Passionate Quilters Retreat quilting my ever-loving-heart out.

A couple of times every year the local quilters get together for a long weekend of sewing and visiting at one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth – Outlaw Ranch – a Bible camp near Custer, SD.  I went there as a kid, I took my boys there for Karate Camp and now I’m back as an old lady.  The best thing about the retreat is that we get to sew for 4 days on whatever we want to work on (I have about a dozen unfinished projects loaded into the back seat of my pickup).  And we don’t have stop sewing because somebody can’t find something or is hungry.  A wonderful lady cooks the most fantastic meals for us – I think I love her.  So what am I waiting for?  I am off – hitting the road and leaving my unfinished floor and all the dust it has generated behind. 

Wa  Hoooooooooo!!!!!


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