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I’ve just returned from a great weekend in the vacation hotspot of Huron, SD – the Pheasant Capital of the World. 

OK, You’ve probably never thought to intentionally vacation there but if you are a quilter from the state of South Dakota you know there is no place better to be – especially in mid April and mid September.  Those are the times that the SD State Quilt Guild gets together for 2 days of quilts, beautiful fabric, classes, glittery fabric, quilting tools, satiny smooth fabric, threads, decadent fabric, quilt patterns and did I mention quilting fabric?  Of course I was going to be good and not purchase everything in sight like a crazy woman but that lasted about 3 minutes before I whipped out the credit card and yelled “Charge IT!!!” at the top of my lungs.  It was scary.  But I did have a blast and it was soooo cool that I reconnected with several quilting friends even though I hadn’t been to one of these events in quite a few years.  So I guess I must have been either a fantastic quilter or a total nitwit for so many of them to remember me.  (My money is on the total nitwit.)

Either way here are some photos to inspire.

 I LOVED this one!

And this one!

And this red and white Snail’s Trail quilt…   what can I say?

And when I saw this one I immediately ran to the vendors waving my credit card high over my head and bought every bright, sunny, yellow fabric I could find.  I have to make one of these for our bed.

And I want to make all of these…

And one of each of these…

Oh where to start?????

And as if that wasn’t bad enough – Saturday night there was a trunk show – where one quilter shows and tells all about her quilts.  This year it was Yvonne Hollenbeck, an award-winning quilter and Cowgirl poet who has more talent in her little finger than 1000 quilters and also a killer sense of humor.  I love this lady!  She spoke about the quilts that were made by her Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Aunties. 

The quilts were stunning and the stories truly touching.

Its been about 7 years since I have done any real quilting and all it took was one trip to the state guild to make me totally ‘fall off the wagon’.   Yep, it’s time to finish up my quilting room.  I will take time to play.  I will make beautiful quilts for every bed in the house.  And I will attend every quilt event and fabric store within a 500 mile radius.

Look out quilt world – I”m back!!!




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