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One of the funniest things about this strange little blog I do is pulling up the stats page and seeing what people have typed into the search engines that has directed them straight to me.  I had a few extra minutes so I thought I would check it out.  Frankly, it says a lot about my blog and people in general – and not always in a good way.  Today there was an especially good batch so I thought I would share some of the ‘classic’ ones with you.

Obviously, RanchDaze is known first and foremost for the Worthy & Weird quotes.  Weird quotes is the top number of searches that leads people to me and surprisingly people have Googled ‘Farting Quotes’ more than any other type of quote.  Kind of scary – isn’t it?

We also have:

I may be weird quotes

Deep weird quotes and

Weird quotes in lifes philosophy

I thought that last one added a bit of class to the whole list and really shows just what caliber of people are out there.  

It also appears that quotes are not the only ‘Weird’ stuff people are searching for:

Weird humans (I can’t imagine why that one lead them to me)

and my favorite – Why welders are Weird

Frankly, I don’t know why they are weird, but I promise to ask the tough questions and get back to you with an answer.

And then there are searches that are just plain strange:

Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a fire hydrant

cute bedroom with a waterbed for 9 year olds

water in house fun


what is used to fill the finger holes in an old bowling ball

OK – that last one was actually covered on this blog a short time ago so maybe that isn’t so strange but I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned Arnold holding a fire hydrant or waterbeds for 9 year olds and I personally know for a fact that water in the house is NOT fun!!!

Some of them do make perfect sense such as:

Redneck lake chair

cowboys kicking

old redneck couple on tractor

pictures of redneck on a cruise

and another favorite – emasculated branding cattle

It just sounds down-right nasty when you put it that way. 

Castration seems to be a common theme with:

castrated elk 

 OK – just for the record we don’t do that here but we do have

 calf nuts

People have also found me by typing in:

people that are afraid of cows

I wouldn’t really say I’m afraid of cows but I do have a healthy respect for what a pissed-off cow can do.  I will admit I am rather afraid of the person who typed in

daddy go fart & I go zoom

Yep, that scares me almost as bad as knowing that if you type in Exotic wild life you will also end up here. 

I’ll bet not everyone who found their way to RanchDaze was happy to be here.  I’m pretty sure who ever typed in www.thisoldhouse.com was misdirected to my site but if not I would like to let them know that I would be available for advice any old-time they need it.  Just type in

Redneck Repairs


House construction 101

And then there was someone out there who must have been terribly disappointed after typing in Wyoming house wife sex.  I’m pretty sure the stuff I write about isn’t what they had in mind.

But my all time favorite – one which I just might have to frame and hang on the wall is:

Hot lady riding black stallion on beach

Damn, they’ve got me pegged!

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