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If you’ve been following my blog you might remember that I don’t really enjoy shopping.  In fact I hate it and I usually put it off as long as I possibly can.  I’m actually fascinated by the women on TV who go shopping every day.  They go to the malls and department stores where they seem to spend hours trying on clothes, shoes and makeup.  They buy new appliances, sheets and bedding and new towels for the bathrooms.  I hate to admit we’ve still got a few of the same towels we received as marriage gifts 27 years ago.  Some of these women even trade cars faster than I swap out socks!  Amazing. 

My idea of a wild shopping spree is picking up two new pairs of Wranglers and a pair of Ariat boots at the feed store when I go to buy a load of feed or vet supplies.  I don’t even take the time to try on the pants anymore.  Yep, I’m not what you would call a shopaholic.

I don’t really have a specific reason why I don’t like to shop but I do have a theory – perhaps shopping is more fun if you actually have money to spend.  Since this is rarely the case around here I’ve decided shopping is basically a waste of time.

But sooner or later I do have to go shopping and last week I went…

I spent a bunch of money…

But I didn’t go to the mall or a department store…

I went shopping at a small ranch south of Hot Springs.

As with most of my shopping sprees, this trip involved a trailer to haul home my purchase.  This time I took this one.

I bet you’re trying to figure out just how many pairs of Wrangler jeans and Ariat boots it takes to fill this trailer – aren’t you?  The world may never know because this time I didn’t buy clothes or boots or even new appliances.

 I bought a Pistol.

This time the ‘Pistol’ is a horse. 

In fact she is an 8-year-old registered quarter horse mare who stands about 14 hands tall.  She is sorrel colored with only a narrow strip and snip on her nose and I love her already.


Her full name is Leo Sans Pistol and she is quick.  She has some cutting experience and loves working cattle so I’m betting that this combination will probably add up to me ending up in a pile on the ground a couple of times before we get used to each other.  But that’s OK – I still bounce pretty good for an old lady.

She’s a sweetie and very curious with a great disposition and a lot more git-up-and-go than I’m used to so she can definitely kick it into warp drive when needed.

And you know what?  I think I could get used to this whole shopping thing.



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