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Technically, we live in a region known as high-plains arid desert.

Honest, I read it somewhere.

Some years we dream of rain… 

Some years we beg for rain…

And on the rare occasion that the skies open up and it does rain,

we dance naked in the front yard!!!

Not really – but you never know when the mood might strike you.

 Our grasses grow short but they are full of nutrients and even though it doesn’t look lush like this very often – cattle and horses are able to grow fat at our ranch.

Mostly, we live in a dry, dry place.

And with that in mind I would like to show you the following photos of our sons’ old Ranger pickup. 

These images may be disturbing to some so please proceed with caution.

Only my baby could find a puddle this size around here.

Such a sad, sad truck.

And what’s with that bone in the water?   It looks like a cow bone.

Bossy, is that you?

If he’s not driving through mud in his pickup

he’s tearing through it on his dirt bike.

My baby loves mud…

He lives for it.

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