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Hi everyone!

The new floors are coming along nicely and so are the Christmas decorations but I’m not ready to post any photos just yet.  Be patient – it will be worth the wait I promise.  So, in honor of the upcoming election and all the politicians we are seeing (everywhere we look) I would like to offer not only a Worthy and Weird quote but one that is also Wonderful.  This one came direct from one of our past presidents – Mister LBJ himself.  I came across it the other day while surfing the web. 

From 1963 – 1969 Lyndon B. Johnson was our 36th president.  I don’t remember much about that time as I was pretty young and I’m afraid my concerns didn’t go far beyond the fact that my bike had a banana seat and Barbie and Ken were way cool!  Needless to say, I didn’t have a clue as to who was in the White House or what they had to say unless it interrupted my Saturday morning cartoons.  But apparently LBJ was my kind of president.  From what little I have read about the man he had a way with words and the ability to ‘cut to the chase’ when it came to other politicians. 

I am unable to find anything about why he said the following words but I get a smile on my face just picturing the expressions on the faces of some of the elected officials of today if someone spoke to them like this:

“Boys, I may not know much but I know chicken poop from chicken salad!”

I love this!!!

Are there any politicians running like that today?  I haven’t seen one yet but I’m still looking.

OK – I’ll get back to work.


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