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I promised you pictures of the County Fair and here are some of my favorites.

You can always tell you’re at a County Fair as soon as you pull into the parking lot…

pickups and horse trailers as far as the eye can see.

And of course where there are pickups and horse trailers you will also find cowboys.  This is our neighbor Clayton leading his team to victory at the Ranch Rodeo.

“Forward, HO!”

And if that’s not enough to convince you you’re at the fair all you have to do is look into the Poultry building where you will see stuff like this…

Yikes!!!  Great gobs of poultry poo kid, what happened to your chicken?

Actually this is a Turken, a cross between a turkey and a chicken.  (It almost makes you think some creatures shouldn’t be crossed, doesn’t it?) 

Believe me, if it’s weird and wacky you will find it at the fair.

I just love the creativity of ranch kids – check this out.

This was my all-time favorite entry – ever!!!  Artwork made from live ammunition.  I bet Martha Stewart never thought of that.

Yes, those are loaded .22 shells.  You have to admit it sure beats the hell out of a velvet Elvis painting doesn’t it?  Notice I even got a nice little glare on the glass for the eyeball from the overhead lights – Cool.

I just love 4-H kids!!!

Then I was off to the Horticulture building where I found this.

Can you believe there were only 3 entries in the ‘Dress a Zucchini’ category?   There would have been more but we have been hit by some really bad hail storms and most of the zucchini were mush.   The one above was awarded the blue ribbon followed closely by these two in 2nd and 3rd place.

Just incase you can’t tell from the photo, that’s a very rare and endangered Zucchini Panda on the left and a Space Alien Zucchini with his trusty one-eyed Space Dog.  I thought they all deserved blue ribbons. 

Along with this guy – another great 4-H kid.

This is an 11-year-old boy with his very own team of oxen. 

Now, how many kids do you know can say that?

There were also people with really big horses.  This year they had a competition with 9 teams of ‘gentle giants’ like this entered .  They had several different events like log pulling, an obsticale course and they even played basket ball.

She’s aiming for the barrel right behind the wagon and she almost made it.

I loved the horses and was amazed at all the things they could do.  Best of all I got a ride in this beautiful buggy with Alice and her mule Belle Star.

To prove I got a ride, here’s the view from the front seat.

Go ahead and say it…

 I know you’re all thinking it…

“Nice Ass!”

There – now don’t you feel better?

And Belle was such a sweetie.

Then there was David and his horse Killer.

You guessed it…

Not only did I get a ride in the wagon but I even got to drive Killer!

I’m told there are very few people who have had this honor – it’s a very elite group.

I think we should have T-shirts printed.

 Then there was my favorite flower arrangement.

“Things just haven’t been the same since that house fell on my sister.”

And last but not least – my favorite meal – Beers and Ears at the local VFW.

I had a blast!



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