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When I downloaded the photos for the last post I found the photos I had taken on Sale Day and thought you’d like to see them. 

Sale Day is the day we sell our calves, yearlings and sometimes cows or bulls.  It can come on any day of the year and sometimes we have several Sale Days.  When you are a rancher, Sale Day is also one of the best days of the year.  I took the day off of work – which is easy to do when you have a boss that does the exact same thing.  My boss and I even coordinate our schedules so we both get to see our calves sell.  After all, when you’re a ranch wife, Sale Day is the social event of the season!

Around here Sale Day always starts early – ‘O-dark-thirty’.

I told you it was dark.  We were up and going by 4:00 am.  Do you see all those little white dots?  Those are the eyes of the cows reflected in the headlights. 

It’s sad to see the girls like this.  They are all bunched up in the corner waiting for their calves to come back.  They are good mamas.  The cows usually hang out here for a day or so and then they seem to forget what they’re waiting for and get on with the business of being a cow. 

The first stop on Sale Day was the corrals where we had one more cow to load in the trailer.  Now don’t feel bad for that old girl.  She got a private ride to the sale barn because she was a wild thing, full of piss & vinegar and she had done everything she could not to get on the truck with the other cattle.  She has been a challenge since the day we brought her home to the ranch and my hubby decided it was time to send ‘Alice’  packing before she ended up hurting someone. 

We had left her in the corrals over night with another cow – one that was a lot calmer, who we will call ‘Bess’.  It seemed to work.  Bess doesn’t get stirred up about anything, not even when a pickup and trailer back up to the corral at ‘O-dark’thirty’.  Bess just stood there, chewing her cud and checking out the lights and sounds. I imagine life could be rather boring for a cow as Bess really seemed to enjoy the activity.   ‘Alice’, on the other hand, eyed everything with a healthy dose of suspicion but since her girlfriend, Bess wasn’t concerned Alice decided it must be OK.  We opened the door on the trailer and flipped the lights on inside and Hubby directed the two old girls to the gate.  Bess took one look around and stepped right into the trailer, followed closely by Alice who was starting to snort and blow snot.  But, since nothing scary happened (and there was nothing to eat inside) Bess turned around and calmly walked out, letting me shut the door in Alices’ face. 

Here’s the trailer all lit up with a rather pissed-off Alice inside.  Check out the Moooood lighting inside.  Ha!  Ranch humor.

Alice was locked and loaded – literally.  It was much easier than the day before when we had tried to do the same thing .  That day Alice went through the fence (twice), ripped off the gate, took off at top speed across the pasture and then, when Hubby (and the horse he was riding) politely asked her to return, she put down her head and charged them (several times).  Now you can see why Hubby was determined that Alice make it to her date at the sale barn.

And speaking of the sale barn – here we are:

Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange 

Belle Fourche is pronounced ‘Bell Fooch’ and it’s the name of a town, a river and just about everything else in that country.  It is a French name and means ‘Beautiful Fork’ because of the fork in the river there.  I guess if you have nice flatware you could have a whole set of belle fourches.  HA!  Give me a break – it’s early.

Anyway, here’s a few of our calves.  The guy in the green shirt is the auctioneer doing his job trying to get the buyers to bid.  When they bring in the first batch of calves the auctioneer always stops to say a few words – he names the ranch where the cattle are from, asks if the rancher is there and then asks a few questions or makes a comment or two on how nice the calves look.  Then he kicks it into high gear and starts asking for bids.

From this photo it doesn’t look like there were many buyers around – see all the empty seats, but they were there and prices were high and our calves were looking good.  That is a good combination for us.  The bigger ones almost always bring less money per pound but they also have more pounds.  Our prices ranged from $1.02 per pound to $1.58 a pound.  These prices were towards the high-end for that day although there were some calves that brought $1.87 per pound.  We had yearlings that weighed over 800 pounds and calves that weighted between 400 – 600 pounds each.  Last year we were lucky to get over a dollar a pound for anything but prices have improved lately and from everything we’ve heard people believe they will stay up.

It’s always nerve-racking sitting there waiting but this year things came together and it was a good day.

Here’s a few more calves.  Check out that rather large boot on the railing – that’s our baby, Morgan.  He got the day off too so he could go.  I told you Sale Day is a big event.

And more calves.  It goes on like this until all the calves and yearlings we brought had sold.  Suddenly, it’s done and we sit and watch the next ranchers calves come in.  Our calves ended up going to 5 different places, some went to other ranches as replacement heifers and some went to feed lots to be finished – fattened up before ending up in a butcher shop.  That’s the cattle business.

We picked up our pay check and then headed 20 miles out-of-town to visit our son Dalton and his wife Dani at the ranch where they work.  It was a great day but very long. 

On another subject, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may remember a post I did last January titled Sun Spots.  I have always had a thing about sun spots or ‘orbs’ showing up in my photos and I watch for them.  When I tried to lighten up the photos for this post I was surprised to find this:

I know these aren’t sun spots because the sun wasn’t even close to coming up yet.  I supposed they could be snow crystals in the air but it wasn’t snowing and look at the ground – there wasn’t any snow to blow around.  I rmember it was a very still morning but if you look at the photo you can see that there is frost on the hood of the pickup.  So who knows?  The spot that really got me was the bright spot right beside one cows face.  It even showed up before I had lightened the shot.


This photo only shows a few spots even though it was taken right after the previous one and this photo only has one:

I’m not sure why we get these orbs in some photos but I will keep watching for them.  Well, I better get busy.  There’s still a lot to do before Christmas!

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I love to take pictures and some of my all time favorite photos are the ones taken while facing  into the sun.

You never really know what you’ve captured on your camera when you’re shooting into the sun but occasionally, if everything is just right you might end up with one or two sun spots. 

 I have always loved these!

But a few month ago I saw a TV program about ghost hunters and it has forever changed the way I look at my photos. 

The ghost hunters talked about the circles of light that sometimes show up on photographs.  They believe that some of these are really ‘orbs or spirits and they had quite a few photos to back up their theory.

Spooky – ain’t it?  It just about sacred my socks off!

So now I take a second and third look at my photos – always evaluating what I see. 

Take this photo for instance…

This was taken while I stood inside the weathered remains of an old one-room school-house. 

Now I know the building is in bad shape and there are lots of cracks and openings where the sunlight comes through.  Heck, the lumber is so rotten you could throw a cat through any of the walls but it still makes you wonder.  What if there were children or perhaps a school teacher who loved this place and have decided to spend all of eternity in the shell of their beloved school. 

Ok – I’m scaring myself again. 

On to the next shot.

Remember this picture from a previous post?

Our garden club toured the Pettigrew Museum in Sioux Falls, SD.  I took a picture with my camera the same time the gal next to me took this one.  My photo shows nothing out of the ordinary but hers has this funky blue light on the front porch. 

I have to admit I did have an uneasy feeling while we were inside the museum but at the time I just chalked it up to being inside a beautiful but very old building.  I changed my mind when I saw her photo.

This gives me the willies and makes my hair stand on end!  Yikes – that mental image is pretty frightening too.

And then there are the photos from the wedding last summer.  Surprisingly there are 5 or 6 shots with orbs in them. 

Here’s the newlyweds coming down the aisle while being showered with oats instead of rice – the last of their wild oats so to speak. 

They’re horse people…  It’s a horse thing.

OK, if I look at this photo and think ‘ghostly orb’ above DJ’s head, I think of Grandpa Bud.  DJ and his grandfather had always been buddies until Grandpa passed away the year before the wedding.  I would like to think that Grandpa was there for the wedding and to be with DJ.  Besides, Grandpa always did like a good party.

But where is the sun coming from you ask?  I heard you – you were thinking it.  You can’t fool me.

 Actually the sun was pretty close to being at a 90 degree angle, straight off the right shoulder of the person taking the photo – so maybe it’s just a sunspot.

OK, I can go either way on that one but then we come to this photo…

Here’s a photo of the beautiful bride coming down the stairs inside the house.  Check out the orb on her left shoulder.

Sure there are windows in the house – there’s one in the bedroom right behind her but it’s pretty well blocked by a wall, a door and  people.

Maybe this is one of Dani’s relatives – come to see her on her big day.  Notice how it’s close to her heart.  Does that mean anything?  I don’t know but it’s a nice thought.

And then, as if one orb here and there isn’t enough, look at this photo.

Check out all those orbs above the crowd.  It’s hard to see just how many there are in this shot – but there’s a bunch.

OK, lets look at this scientifically. 

  This photo was taken while everyone was having a great time dancing and enjoying the beautiful evening. 

1.  Looks like water droplets on the lens or maybe dust specks.  That’s what I thought at first but the photos taken before and after this one are fine and it wasn’t raining – it was a beautiful night for a wedding.

  2.  What about sun spots?  This was taken facing almost straight west but the sun had already slipped behind the mountain before the dance even started so I don’t buy that theory either. 

3.  There are thousands and thousands of white Christmas lights strung all over the garden.  Maybe so, but it just doesn’t seem that the orbs are really ‘organized’ or coming from a specific place – they’re everywhere.  Big ones, little ones, bright ones, dull ones all intermingled – kind of sounds like a typical family doesn’t it?

I really don’t know what caused all the ‘orbs’ in this shot.

It was a special night and love was definitely in the air – so  who knows, perhaps there was more than love in the air that night.  

Perhaps it’s something you can’t see or explain.  Perhaps it’s something you have to take on faith.

I believe when we die we don’t just cease to exist.  I believe our body quits but our spirit goes on.

  I also like to think that we will be able to come back from time to time and check up on the people we love.  I’m sure gonna try!

I also believe in guardian angels.  I’ve heard mine –  he swears.  (Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime).   You might think I’m a little warped, but a swearing guardian angel is actually very comforting to me.  Picture John Wayne with a rusty halo cocked over his cowboy hat and a lot of ‘grit in his gizzard’.  Now that’s my kind of guardian angel.

Who knows?  I can’t prove those circle of light are anything more than sun spots or dust on the lens but seeing photos like this always makes me think anything’s possible.


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