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I would like to give you a short tour of our new home. 

Bob Vila – where are you?

Here’s our front porch.  Y’all come sit a spell. 

Can you say ‘redneck’?  I knew you could.

Actually the sofa isn’t usually on the front porch but we had to haul it out.  There was a pack rat living in it and we finally decided enough was enough when he started eating our Little Debbie snacks.  We can put up with a lot but when you mess with Little Debbie it’s over – Houdini the rat had to leave.  Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, he wasn’t in the sofa when we hauled it out – hence his well deserved name.  But that’s another story.

Is that sewer pipe on the front of the deck?  And check out the front step made from huge cement pallets that are used for transporting transformers (the big can-like things hanging on power poles).  Did I mention my husband retired from the power company?  Now you know ‘the rest of the story’.

Actually, thank goodness, this front porch is no more.  This was what our place looked like when we started.  Hard to believe – some people thought we should just drive the D-8 dozer through it and start from scratch.  There’s just no accounting for some people’s taste.

C heck out the well-oiled, go-get-em work crew.  They are ready to spring to action at a moments notice.  Can you tell?  That’s our oldest son on the left, John – the best cement man in the world, our youngest son – who will grow up to do anything but be a carpenter and my hubby.  Yes, I have to admit they did deserve a rest.

This is me after I collapsed in the doorway.  No – not really.  But I deserve a rest now and then too.

Here’s our living room.

And hubby’s standing in the crawl space under the master bedroom. 

This cute little house was built in the 30’s.  We’ve heard rumors it was a Montgomery Wards house.  I guess you could order a whole house from the catalog – impressive isn’t it?  Anyway it did have some unique issues.  They must not have actually had the windows when they framed them in because some of the framing had been cut out and kinda just improvised.  I really wish I had taken some photos of that.  This house never had insulation (before it’s time) or plumbing and the wiring was done rather haphazardly.  And the biggest obstacle was the house wasn’t square.  It was like you had taken two opposite corners and pulled – boy did that make for some fun building!!!

And just look at this kid – nice nails sticking out of his hat.  He was having fun wasn’t he?

He’s the baby,  got to love him.

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