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I have been working on Nadine.

She is now ‘booth-less’.


My husband says that sounds dirty but I can tell you it’s a whole lot cleaner than when she had a booth. The cocoons and spider egg sacks had to go. 

Along with the nasty old insulation and 40 years of dirt that had built up in every nook and cranny.

The mouse nest under the oven continues to be a challenge along with the gigantic hole by the door…


and the ‘squishy’ floor under the toilet.

But like the rest of us, Nadine is slowly and painfully giving up her secrets – the little things that we try to hide when we first start a new relationship. The type of secrets that only reveal themselves after you have lived with someone for a while.   And I can tell you, she is not the pure and innocent lady I first thought.

Nadine has led a sordid life.

 There are things she’s been hiding for years and it has been a fight. Blood has been split (you should see my knuckles) but like a new girlfriend, she is getting used to me crowding into the innermost corners of her psyche and she has grown comfortable with me –

so much so, that Nadine has revealed the skeletons in her closet…

No, really…

There are skeletons in her closet.

Sorry, I should have warned you.  

I think it’s one of the mice who lived under the oven. 

I suspect foul play was involved.  I’m sure CSI would discover traces of poison locked deep inside their tiny little bones.

Who did it?

Nadine won’t say.

It’s just another unsolved mystery of a shady lady.

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