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We have had a busy weekend – the kind of weekend I like.  A weekend with a house full of family and friends and a weekend where we got a lot of stuff done. 


The first project was the blue pickup.  Morgan, his buddy Caleb, Hubby and the neighbor Paul spent Saturday putting a rebuilt engine into the old Ford pickup that has been broken down, gutless and parked by our kitchen door for almost 4 1/2 months.  Believe me – it was time.

Here’s Morgan running the back hoe.  He’s primed and ready to lift the engine ever so gently.

And on the other end of the hoe is Caleb with lots of help from Casey the dog and Julio the cat.

You may have noticed the strange hair style going on at the base of Julio’s tail. 


Please do not contact PETA.  This was not some mean-spirited joke played on a poor unsuspecting feline.  We did not do this – the veterinarian did. 

Julio – a rough and rowdy tom cat from town went out ‘catting’ one night and came back with a bad bite on his tail.  Since he was a stray that occasionally hung out at the feed store no one really noticed it before it had gotten infected.  When Morgan finally saw it he was going to take Julio to the vet clinic after work but as luck would have it Pete the vet showed up at the store for something and ended up loading Julio into his pickup and hauling him back to the clinic himself.  It’s amazing the amount of care shown to a lonely old stray cat in our little community.  It really says a lot about the caliber of people who live around here – especially our beloved vet, Pete.  Anyway – long story short – Julio got his tail shaved and treated and now the wound is healed and the hair is slowly growing back.  And Julio (who has been banned from the feed store because he learned how to tear open bags of cat food and milk replacer) has now moved to our house where he lives on the front porch and enjoys snoozing in the nice warm greenhouse.

But back to the pickup…

The engine was installed and everything hooked up.  Fluids were added and it sounded great once she was fired up.

Morgan and Caleb made it to town and back on her first test run and then after supper she moved to Morgan’s house in town.  Yipee!  No more large blue, 3/4 ton, vintage 1974 lawn ornament in the driveway!!!  Life is good.  If it had stayed much longer I’d have dumped a load of dirt in the bed and planted petunias. 

But that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend – it didn’t stop there.  Another thing we got done (or fixed) was something I have worried and stressed about for a month – Dalton fixed the bathroom floor in my camper – Nadine!!!

Double Yipeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!


 That’s right – Nadine is so cool she now has genuine diamond plate sheet metal on her floor. 

 It’s great to have kids who know metal.

 Dalton found a piece of rusty old metal in the scrap iron pile.

 He did some careful measurements, got out the torch – assisted by his wife, the lovely and vivacious Dani.

And cut out the perfect piece of diamond plate for Nadine. 

He also welded rebar supports to the bottom of it to stiffen it so it doesn’t ‘pop’ up and down when I step on and off it.

He then used the grinder to get the rust off of it and all the rough spots around the edge. 

 He loves me.

Meanwhile, I dug through the left-over paint supply in the basement and come up with a partial can of primer and a full can of black gloss spray paint.  Then, because it was a beautiful day, Dani and Dalton went to catch and ride a couple of horses.  Left unsupervised, I primed, painted and glued down my new bathroom floor.  That’s why there is a scrap piece of wood and 2 cement blocks adding weight to hold it down.   Dalton assures me that if you glue it and let it set for 4 or 5 days, undisturbed it will be stuck down forever.  That’s what I’m hoping for as sewage is not my thing.  Liquid Nails is a wonderful product. 

If you can’t screw it – glue it!  That’s my motto and it should be theirs. 

I know right now it looks like a very rustic two-hole outhouse in the back of my beloved camper but under those cement blocks is a floor of steel. 

I feel safer already.

And as for the pickup…  How many rednecks does it take to mount an engine?

I count 4 rednecks

 3 support vehicles with hood, trunks and tailgates open

2 complete sets of tools and

1 bemused ranch wife.

It’s just another day in paradise.

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