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A Young Man Died…

Early Tuesday morning a young man died…

He was the son of loving parents who cried in joy at his birth, celebrated the triumphs of his life, and shared the wonder of growing up.

He was a brother who teased but also protected.  A confidant – a buddy – fellow conspiritor who can never be replaced and will be sorely missed.

He was a neighbor and a friend to so many people in our little town – including my own two sons and nephews who lived beside him, went to school with him, ran cross-country with him and celebrated birthdays & holidays with him .

He was a good student, an athlete and a graduate from our local high school.

He was a quiet, gentle boy with a good heart who I will always remember as being kind and generous.

He was funny, smart, honest, handsome and full of compassion.

And he was brave.

You see, he was also a solider – a Marine – a military sniper who served in Iraq and Afghanistan where he helped people he didn’t know and would never meet.

He was a survivor.  A young man who served his tour of duty then returned home – honorably discharged and healthy of body but with a spirit badly wounded by the things he had seen and the many friends he had lost. 

He was a veteran – a man stong, trustworthy and loyal who had risked everything to serve his country.  He was patriotic and hopeful that he could help shape the future of our world for the better.

He was so much more than we will ever know.

He was many things but he wasn’t a quitter even though he knew he couldn’t live any longer in this world.  He had tried, but in the dark hours of early morning it was more than he could stand.  That night he was a well-trained military sniper who fired many shots in our small town but hit no one.  I truly believe he didn’t want to hurt anyone – he only wanted to force someone to end his pain.

Tuesday morning his life ended and ours were changed forever.

I wasn’t there to witness what happened but I do not blame the state trooper who fired the final shot that ended Cody’s life.  It is a horrific choice to be forced into and one I am sure he never wanted to make.  I know Cody’s family, friends and the local police did everything they possibly could to save him. 

It’s heart-wrenching to lose someone but we should always remember that we were blessed to have known him – even for such a short time. 


Early Tuesday morning a young man died…

I pray you have found Peace at last.

Cody Engen





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