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I am home from vacation and it was wonderful!!!  I loved Puerto Rico and I am so thankful our friend Wanda wanted to share her little ‘home town’ with us.  It was quite a shock for some of us who come from a state where we have 11 people per square mile to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico that has 1,661.  (Wyoming is even less with 5 people per square mile)

I spent a week with all these beautiful women and some of Wanda’s family.  We played on the beach, we ate authentic Puerto Rican food, met many wonderful people who lived there, sampled some of the rum and local ‘spirits’ and talked & laughed till we cried. 

If I had only one word to describe what I saw in Puerto Rico it would have to be – COLOR! 

Just look at the beautiful buildings of Old San Juan.

Believe me, they know color on this island! 

We passed this beautiful church as they were having a baptism service inside.  From the street you could hear the words and music so even without stepping a foot inside you felt like you were part of their joy.

I loved the color of the Governor’s Mansion at the end of the street.

And I absolutely LOVED the cobblestone streets – especially after the rain.  Can you believe that color?  I’ve read that the cobblestones are actually blocks of slag from the furnaces in England that was used as ballast in the ships.  As the cargo was taken on, the blocks were unloaded and eventually became the streets.

There was color and beauty everywhere you looked.  It made me want to come home and paint even though the only things I’ve ever painted are the walls of my house and a few canvases with numbers on them.  But who knows?  I have all my mother’s oil paints and supplies – maybe it’s time to give it a try?

Another favorite spot – the Fort of El Morro (Yes, you have to roll your rr’s on that one).   This is the gate to the fort.  Is that beautiful or what?

The Sentry towers of the fort are beautiful and have become a symbol of Puerto Rico.  I can’t even imagine how many photos have been taken of them.  I know I came home with  quite a few.

There were so many small ‘nooks and cranies’ everywhere including this triangular staircase.  Once again the colors just sucked me in.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures.   I was a woman possessed with a camera stuck to my face.

Everywhere I looked was an amazing photo opportunity.

I love yellow and I love blue…

What can you say about an ocean that color?

And sand the color of honey?

 I can’t believe all that we saw and did.  It was a great vacation and I haven’t even mentioned my very most favorite things – the rain forest and when we went snorkeling.  About halfway through the trip the girls started teasing me because every time we did something new it then became my ‘favorite thing’.  I guess you could say I had a great time and yes – I would go back again.   But for now I get to enjoy the photos we took. 

Hope you enjoy them too.


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