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It’s time for another Wierd & Worthy Quote:


“Life is too short to eat cheap chocolate!”


OK.  I admit it.

These immortal words of wisdom come straight from me.


Anyone who knows me might say that I like chocolate…

They might even say that I’m rather fond of chocolate…


Oh Alright…  I love Chocolate!

(Cows can always tell when you’re not telling the truth – it’s a gift)

I  think my love affair with chocolate started early – while still in the womb.  My mom told me once that she craved chocolate malts the whole time she was pregnant and drank so many that she gained over 50 lbs with each of us kids.  As the story goes, I was also the largest baby my mother had and that is why my nickname has been Moose forever.

I love Chocolate so much that when my boys were young, they really, truly, honestly believed that I would die if I didn’t have chocolate every day.  They have grown up and now realize that this is not true but I still have days when I’m not so sure – and really – why take the risk?

Chocolate is an addiction I have struggled with my whole life but I know there are other people out there who are just as bad off as I am. 

I used to work with a gal whose last name was Mattox but I called her Ms Mad Ox the Indian Princess.  We were both young and unmarried at the time with few responsibilities and we were doing what we did every day – talking about our 2 favorite subjects – men and chocolate.  

Being the intellectuals that we were back then, we would spend our free time asking each other deep, probing questions – the kind of stuff Barbara Walters would ask important world leaders.  One day I asked Ms Mad Ox if she had to choose between men and chocolate and was forced to give up one for the rest of her life which one would she choose to keep? 

Without hesitation a smile lit her face and her eyes glazed over. 

“I would choose a man dipped in chocolate.”

I understand completely.


“Got any chocolate bulls?”

Maybe it’s a woman thing.

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