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We had a great weekend!!!

I went curling with my sister and this time my Hubby, my Dad and my nephew went with us. 

I know what your thinking – isn’t it sweet that those guys all wanted to come and watch us curl because we’ve obviously gotten so good at curling that the men in our lives are sooooo proud of us and they just know that someday we will be chosen to represent the United States of America on the Olympic Curling team and they wanted and even begged to go with us just so they could show us the love and support we need to help us in our quest for Olympic gold. 

Yeah, right…

That would have been cool but really they just wanted to ride with us so we could drop them off at the Black Hills Stock Show.

Thanks a lot guys for crushing our gold metal curling dreams.


Oh well, I really can’t blame them because I wanted to go to the Stock Show too.

If you’ve never been to a Stock Show what are you waiting for?  Make plans now to go to the next one you can. 

Stock shows are full of all kinds of interesting stuff like lots and lots of cute cowboys in tight Wrangler jeans and bunches of beautiful cowgirls all dolled up in fantastic western wear that is ‘all about the bling’ right now.  I’m sorry to say I’m not one of them.  I’m one of the tough old ranchers wives who bought a new pair of jeans (Wrangler cowboy cut) for the occasion and threw on the stretched-out turtle neck shirt (because it’s damn cold outside) and the wool vest (half price last spring at the feed store) and forgot to put on any makeup (Makeup?  Do I actually own any makeup?) or even earrings.  I did tie on a silk scarf to spiff up the outfit a bit but frankly I’m lucky most days if I get my hair combed.  I’ve always been about 15 years behind when it comes to fashion but it’s still fun to check out all the clothes at the venders booths.   And, Boy-Howdy, did they have venders!

Even if you don’t buy a single thing there is so much to see.

For one thing, there’s really big Tonka toys inside the building.

Here’s my sister, our Dad and a brand new loader.  There wasn’t even a tray under it to catch leaking oil – I was so impressed!  And did you know that if you ask really nice and say ‘Please’ the guys in charge of the booth will let you climb up into the cab and pretend you are really serious about buying it?  Ha!  That thing cost more than our house.   But then, as soon as they realize you don’t have any money and they give up and go talk to someone else you can bounce in the seat and make engine noises with your mouth and spit all over the inside of the windshield.  Not that I would do such a thing.  I’m much too dignified and refined to do such a thing.  I’ve really grown up a lot since last year – haven’t I?  The truth is my knees were still killing me from curling last weekend.  I didn’t think I could even climb up in there.

After we checked out the big equipment we went to see the cattle – every Stock Show has them – or else it wouldn’t really be a ‘Stock’ Show, would it?

There were lots of cattle

Just look how pretty and well-behaved they are.  Not a cow pie or speck of manure anywhere.  It takes many hours of work and dedication to train your cattle to do this stuff and look this way.

Our cows don’t look like this. 

Our cows leave cow pies everywhere they go and usually they have lots and lots of manure smeared all over them.  I’m pretty sure that if you tied one of our cows to that pretty little fence and tried to comb and blow dry her she would freak out!  You would probably get stomped into the ground or at the very least she would blow snot all over you before ripping out the fence and dragging it and all the other cows tied to it on a wild-west tour of the entire stock show.  We just don’t have diva cows – ours all blow snot. 

It’s a cow thing. 

Besides, if we brought one of our cows I’m afraid they wouldn’t place very well in the BBP (Bovine Beauty Pagent).


She’s a nice mellow momma cow but Damn Girlfriend! – that’s a face only a rancher could love.

Don’t worry honey, we love ya!

But talk about divas – check out these boots.

Boots like this will make you want to sing.  My sister did.

“The stars at night are big and bright… X  X  X  X  X,  deep in the heart of Texas!!!”

Go ahead, you can sing along.  No body will hear you.

Yes, people were looking at us strangely and keeping their children far, far away from us and the guys were pretending they didn’t know who we were but we did have fun.  I can’t wait for next year!


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We had a wedding at the ranch last August.  Our oldest son, Dalton married a wonderful girl – she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s funny and she reminds me a lot of myself – Ha!.  But Dani really is the daughter I always wanted. 

We were a little concerned when they said they wanted to have the wedding at the ranch but we jumped in with both feet and threw one hell of a party.  Even though the house isn’t finished and the gardens were full of grasshoppers – nobody cared.   It was great!!!

Here’ Dani and her bridesmaids – aren’t they beautiful? 

And Dalton and his groomsmen.  They clean up pretty good too.

Brothers and sisters – My baby the Best Man, Dalton, Dani and Dani’s sister the Maid of Honor.

The Stearns family has ranched here for over 100 years so we tried to honor that heritage by including some of the things that have special meaning for us.  The old wagon was used by Dalton’s great grandfather to deliver mail.

The quilt hanging on the end of my garden shed was started by Dalton’s great grandmother, Mae.  His grandmother, Evelyn finished the embroidery and gave it to me to quilt.  The box on the end of the table was full of hankies from my mother-in-laws stash – some had come from her mother, her mother-in-law and who knows who else.  When people signed the guest book, they were encouraged to pick out a hankie to keep and to ‘catch their tears of joy’.

I just loved having a house full of women the week before the wedding.  I have lived in a house filled with men for so long that I had forgotten how much fun girls are.  These gals worked their butts off too helping us get ready.  They strung thousands of white lights, hauled hay bales to build the benches and helped with everything else that needed to be done.  And check out those boots – I love the red ones.  OK, I want to adopt them all! 

We built a special garden for the ceremony.  Dalton and Dani and our favorite neighbor, Paul set posts for the trellis and then we hauled rock…  WE HAULED A LOT OF ROCK.  After work, from April till August we picked and hauled rock from all over the ranch and built raised flower beds all around the 40X80 foot garden.  Did I mention we have rock?  WE HAVE  A LOT OF ROCK!  Dalton welded the cross of horsehoes for above the alter. 

That’s my sister reading the scriptures and having a hard time not crying.  And those groomsmen – pretty serious bunch.  Lighten up dudes – it’s not your wedding. 

This is Pastor Chuck he did the ceremony.  He also married Hubby and I – 25 years ago.  He’s retired now but when he found out the wedding was at the ranch his response was “I’m in!”  He’s a great guy – he hunts at the ranch every chance he gets and especailly likes to help us thin out the prairie dog population from time to time.

We had a friend cook a chuck-wagon feast for everyone.  And it was a feast!  Steaks, potatoes, salads and Grandma Stearns’ secret family recipe for baked beans.  It’s not a family get together unless you have Grandma’s beans.  Clayton and Rhonda cook the best steaks I have ever eaten. 

And then we danced…

and danced some more. 

We danced till our feet hurt and stars filled the sky.  It was a perfect evening.  We’ve decided – one of the best things we ever did for our two boys was to teach them to dance.  Dance lessons for Boy Scouts – I’ll have to tell you about it sometime.

What a beautiful pair of stargazers.

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