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Last Thursday we started a project. 

Actually I should say that Hubby started a project.

He decided it was time to fix our driveway and after a month of having to use 4-wheel drive to get in and out of our place – I agreed.

First he brought home 2 new culverts and put them in the low spots. 

Here’s one of them.

The cows don’t seem to be very impressed by these shiny new tubes sticking out of the ground but I sure am.

This is the one he took out.  

I can’t imagine why the water quit running through it.  Can you?

You can bet we’ll clean this out and reuse it somewhere but for now it’s set off to the side of the driveway – looking sad and bloated.

Saturday morning dawned clear and dry so Hubby called in reinforcements – our son Morgan and his friend Wade who just happens to own a truck and belly dump trailer. 

It’s great to have friends!!!

I only saw the beginning of the work Saturday morning as I was headed to Custer to visit my folks and then onto Rapid City for the last curling game of the season but I did get dinner started in the crock pot for them and then I ran around and took some pictures on my way out.  The first thing I saw was a momma cow with a brand new baby.  This little one was probably less than an hour old and was already running on his wobbly little legs to keep up with mom.

Next, I saw this…

That’s Hubby in the road grader.

Every man needs nice Tonka Toys and Hubby has quite a collection.  He was in charge of spreading out the gravel so I pulled off the driveway and did my best to stay out of his way while I took his picture.  Then, I continued down to the gravel pit where Morgan and Wade were hard at work.

That’s Wade standing on his trailer and Morgan running the loader.

He’s definitely outgrown the sandbox in the back yard. 

And just check out that trailer – a belly dump trailer is a fascinating piece of equipment.  You fill the trailer full of gravel and then drive to the spot you want to dump it.  Then, when you get to the spot that needs gravel, you continue to drive while releasing the doors on the bottom of the trailer – leaving a wonderfully neat strip of gravel down the center of the road without having to stop.

A little black smoke and a mighty “Hi Ho Silver, away!!!”

Did I mention that this loader was my anniversary gift?  Yep, you’ve probably heard of the ‘Crystal anniversary’, the ‘China anniversary’ and the ‘Silver & Gold anniversaries’ but I had no idea that the 14th wedding anniversary is the ‘Fiat Allis anniversary’.   It’s true – Hubby said he read it somewhere.  I do admit this has been a wonderful gift and much more practical than diamonds and furs.  We’ve done some pretty serious gardening with this thing – and really – how many other gals can say they have their very own loader…  and back hoe…  and swather…  and even my very own Stihl chainsaw? 

Yes, I’m a lucky, lucky woman!

Morgan thinks so too – he loves to drive the loader. 

  Since the loader is a Fiat Allis we have always called her ‘Fat Alice’. 

 She doesn’t seem to mind. 

Over the years Fat Alice has moved a lot of gravel, snow, dirt and hay and Morgan is really, really good behind the wheel.  It is amazing how smooth and precise he is with this very large rolling pile of machinery.  If you’ve ever spent time around big equipment you soon realize that not everyone is.  Operating heavy equipment is an art form.  Some people have the ‘touch’ and some people won’t ever have it no matter how much practise they get.  We’re lucky, both our boys are amazing.  Maybe it’s because they learned to drive stuff like this before they were old enough to get their driver’s license.  Or maybe it’s because they know that if they break it – they have to fix it.  That in itself is a pretty good incentive to pay attention. 

And Morgan’s buddy, Wade is the same way. 

He’s young but he’s a hard worker and I’m pretty sure he can drive anything that moves too. 

And just look at that smile – he obviously loves what he does.  

He owns 2 trucks, has one hired man and works harder running his own business than most kids his age even think of. 

And when he’s not hauling gravel he hauls a lot of cattle. 

But for the last few days we’ve put him to work and they’ve hauled lots of gravel.  Our driveway is over a mile long and after 30+ loads they still haven’t made it to the house.  Thank goodness there’s still more gravel in the pit and more fuel in the tank.

 The best part is I haven’t had to put the pickup into 4 wheel drive since they started work. 

At this rate – I might not need 4 wheel drive ever again…

well, at least not till the snow flies next winter but that’s a long ways off.



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