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One of my all time favorite events of the Custer County Fair is the annual ‘Beers & Ears’.  It is hosted by the local VFW Post 303 and is jam-packed with great food, good music and a huge crowd.  As far as I’m concerned, it is the social event of the season and here’s a few photos to prove it.

Here’s the line waiting to get in.  This is the only time you will ever see people lined up in Hermosa, SD.

It is loads of fun but we never forget the ones who can’t be there – POW’s & MIA’s and also the local heroes who are serving in the Armed Forces today.

Stay safe guys!

Hermosa has a population of 351 and I would guess everyone plus a bunch of relatives, friends and tourists show up for Beers & Ears every year.

This year they had 4 tents set up and each of them was packed to overflowing. 

I remember one year it was raining hard.  The skies opened up and dumped buckets of rain just as people were starting through the line.  The wind was blowing from the north and by the time we got our food the only available seats were on the side with the rain running down your back.  The funny thing was most of those seats were all ready taken by ranchers and farmers who were so happy to see rain that they didn’t care!  It had been so dry for so long that rain was a blessing even if it came during dinner.  Of course we turned our backs to the wind and sat down with them.   Everyone on our side of the tables was soaked to the skin but we were still laughing and eating and telling stories – it was great!

The menu is simple – for $7.00 you get as many brats as you want (with all the fixings), a salad of locally grown cucumbers and onions in a vinegar dressing & all the sweet corn you can possibly eat.  This year they cooked around 80 bushels of corn and I’m betting they didn’t have much left over.  The beer is extra because I’m afraid they would go broke with this crowd if they didn’t charge by the glass!

Check out my official Beers and Ears Mug.  The VFW sells these huge mugs to raise money for their building fund.  I’m not sure if they are repairing the building they have or hope to someday build a new one.  Either way I had to have one.  It sits in the cupboard all year-long but I wouldn’t think of going to the fair without it.  All the hard-core Beers and Ears fans have one.

Everyone from the VFW pitches in and helps and in all the years I’ve gone to Beers & Ears I don’t remember ever hearing anyone complain or any fights breaking out.  Everyone is there for fun. 

They even crown a Beers & Ears Queen!  It is always one of the ladies who helps out.  She “reigns over the clean up crew, adding a touch of class to what would otherwise be a vulgar event”.  They say that every year as she waves from her throne at the parade on Sunday morning.  Notice the corn cob crown and her body-guard.  Actually, I think he was just there to throw candy to the kids.

So, if you’re ever near Hermosa, SD in mid August and you see a sign out on the highway announcing the County Fair be sure to turn in and have a look.  And if you happen to be there on Saturday afternoon, main street will be filled with vehicles and people.  And if you smell the aroma of brats and sweet corn – don’t you dare drive by.  Just get in line for one of the best meals you’ll ever have. 

It doesn’t matter if you have Cowboy boots or flip-flops on, I guarantee you’ll have a great time!


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