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We have had a very busy summer so far.  Thankfully, Mother Nature has remembered to turn on the rain this year so we are up to our eyebrows in hay – which is a very good thing.  We have also had company for the last couple of weeks – first Dan’s foster-brother, Bill from Boston, then Dalton & Dani and even a bighorn sheep hunter who is gearing up for the beginning of his season which opens September 1st.  It has been great!  Throw in a ranch full of cattle, a huge garden, a full-time job and 50 new chicks and it’s no wonder I haven’t gotten much done. 

We had a great time with Bill.  He’s really into metal detecting and gold panning so he is always fun to be around.  We even took an evening and joined him detecting around the old school house just east of our house.  We found some odd items – the metal sides off of old school desks (the wood was rotted away a long time ago), we found some shiny metal disks that had names of different countries so I’m betting they came off of a map of some kind and we found a whole lot of junk.  It was great!

Dalton and Dani arrived shortly after Bill left.  They brought me a horse – Dani wants to try breeding Pistol so she brought me out a beautiful buckskin mare named Becky to swap.  Hopefully, Dani will get a couple of nice foals and I will still have a good horse to ride.   We got to go riding a couple of the nights they were here and I think we’re both happy with the trade.

They stayed for a couple of days then left the horses and their two dogs with us as they headed to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (the lucky slobs!  LOL).  They arrived back at the ranch Sunday and from the sounds of it, they had a great time. 

They saw a lot of friends.  Dalton bought a new hat and Dani got a new yearling filly and a tattoo!  Both of them (the horse and tattoo) were SWEET!  I want one!  The tattoo – I’ve already got a horse.  Ha! 

I love when the kids come to visit – they help us do all the things we keep putting off.  This time we put up a sign – and it’s not just any sign.  We put up the huge ranch sign that Dalton & Dani gave us for Christmas last year. 


Dalton designed and cut out this sign for us.  He even made the bracket to hold it after they got here.  As you can see it took one of my ‘Garden Tractors’ to dig the holes and lift the sign into place. 


It may appear that Dalton was screwing around while Dani was working hard but actually he was packing the soil into the hole so the sign won’t fall over.  I just love the large metal wheels around the base of the posts.  They are really old tractor wheels that came off of very old tractor.  When rubber tires became available these wheels were swapped out for nice bouncy ones that I’m sure were much easier on your backside.


I still have to touch up the paint but I love it.  And what a great looking couple!

Now I just need to plant some flowers in the wheels – something that the cattle won’t eat like prickly pear cactus and yucca plants.


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